Please help me choosing a motherboard

Well i will get an atlhon x3 440, ddr3 memory and a 5770... i want to know what motherboard should i get... between asus and gigabyte and please if u can to see this site for the prices and which one is the best priced :

Who awnsers me ill give the best option.
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  1. What is your budget for the motherboard.?
  2. in that page i put not over 200u$s
  3. Good luck man I had my post up for awhile now and someone posted a damn $250 board when I said 100-200.

    I would say ASUS but since I am asking the same question you are I dunno for certain.
  4. i want to know what model is good priced in my country to know which one should i buy :P
  5. Asus M4A79XTD Evo
  6. did u look in that page to see if its good priced compared to the other products?
  7. Yes i did.. But somehow i am not able to post the link to it.. The Asus model I've suggested is based on the 790FX chipset and costs around 175$.. Its recommended if you'd have any dual GPU plans anytime in near future.. If you do not wish to move to multi GPU setup ever, there are other good lower priced solutions..
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