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Overclocking i7 3770k

Right now i am doing a overclock on my i7 3770k.

CPU voltage: 1.15v
clockspeed: 4.5ghz
max temps under prime95: 69c (lol)
stable (12hrs burn in)

but then

cpu voltage: 1.15v
clockspeed: 4.6ghz
max temps: 50c

one of the cores (2 threads) turned off when i moved my multiplier further. now what should i do?


i7 3770k
asus z77-v LK motherboard
8gb 1600mhz gskill ram
gtx670 (gigabyte)
mushkin deluxe 240gb SSD
xfx 750w psu
nh-d14 cooler
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  1. Are you overclocking from the bios or a software program?
  2. Have you turned off the power saving features in the bios? Also there was this article awhile back about overclocking with the 3770k , maybe that will help.,3198.html
  3. i was using the ai suite given it was pretty easy. ill try as you guys say
  4. ok got it to 4.6ghz 1.18v with 72c at max temps
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    Is that where you want to be with your overclock? That's a pretty good job considering the Ivy Bridge doesn't like voltage added at the higher speeds. I also think that 72 is a good temp and to go higher with it would be risky for the long term life of the cpu. A lot of people like and want to achieve a high overclock but they are unaware of the consequences and to go that extra mhz is actually not worth it. So if your at 4.6ghz and wanted to go to 4.8ghz or even 5ghz the performance gain would not be worth the shortening of the life of the cpu. To get to 4.6ghz you have already achieved to biggest performance increase when compared to the stock.
    There is always the possability that you have a good overclocker cpu and you could take it to 5ghz without going over 1.38v and if you could do that and be 100% stable with the heat maxing out at 80c then that might be worth shooting for. But if you read the article that I had linked you saw the trouble with adding voltage at the higher overclocks.
    Good luck to your efforts.
  6. ill keep my cpu at 4.5ghz but more likely at 4 given i dont need that extra performance just yet
  7. @ 4.5 my computer isn't actually even stable with that overclock..... with prime 95 my system blue screens, the fact that your at 4.5 running prime is very good.. too me
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