Image or Clone Dying Netbook Harddrive to Smallser SSD

Not quite a noob, here - built a few systems in my time, but have earned my gray hairs and don't need anymore.

Have searched here and elsewhere for solution, but my predicament seems slightly unique and I don't want to make any irretrievable mistakes.

Daughter-in-law has a dying HP Mini 110 160GB Harddrive (ran disk diagnostics). Cannot boot to windows (Win7) or repair partition. No recovery disc. Important info to save. The HP's (I assume Linux) start-up environment can access some harddrive data (eg photos), but is very limited.

Stole a nice new Corsair 120GB SSD from Newegg.

I need to clone or image the boot & recovery partition to the new SSD using my Desktop PC (Win7), re-sizing the boot partition along the way.

Assuming this is is at all possible, and I may only have one shot at imaging/cloning the dying drive - what software could do this?

Preferably free and in my Windows desktop (my command line days are waaaaay behind me).
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    Cadder just posted in the storage forum with props for the free EaseUS Todo Backup for a disk copy from a larger hdd to smaller ssd.
  2. I just had a similar problem and successfully cloned to a new drive and recovered everything important using EaseUS Todo backup and recovery tools.
  3. RESOLVED...
  4. RESOLVED.... though not how I expected.
    When I popped the laptop harddrive into my Win7 machine to clone it, Win7 kept wanting to fix it. I couldn't read anything on the laptop drive, so finally let Win7 do it's thing. Found bad sector & made repairs, enough that I could rescue my Daughter-in-laws pics, etc. Then was able to pop it back in the mini & restore the os partition from the recovery partition.
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