ATI Radeon HD4870 or nVidia GeForce GT240M

I'm buying a new laptop in a few weeks and i have 2 in mind i'm quite a heavy gamer and was wondering which one could handle the heavier games like crysis more efficiently The two cards are :
1GB ATI Radeon HD4870 and the
512MB nVidia Geforce GT240M

I'd appreciate any comments

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  1. I did a similar research but choosing between Mobile HD4650 and 240M and the 4650 is much better showing in Crysis (low) 75fps and 28fps in high. The HD4870 is intended to be much better than the HD4650 itself. So the cards you list seem to be uncomparable. My advice would be, if you have the bucks for a 4870 go for it!
  2. The 4870 is way faster than the GT240M. Get the 4870 and be happy.
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