AMD FX 8120 Stuck at X17 multiplier.

Hey guys,
I am very new to overclocking so don't laugh too hard when i say something really dumb :P.
But I was trying to overclock my AMD FX 8120 to around 4.5ghz but my multiplier won't go past 17x. Is this a problem with the CPU or am I making a mistake. I have the Gigaybyte 990FXa-D3. Dual fan Hyper 212 EVO.

Current settings: ( Although its at 220X17)
CPU 220 X20
NB 2200
HT 2200
1333 RAM (corsair vengeance 16gb)
Also if anyone knows any good sites where I could copy settings, then that would be great .
Thanks for any help!
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  1. What are your temps?
  2. I'd stick to around 4.0 ghz for a stable system.
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