Does port forwarding = no firewall on that device?

Hi, I have 2 dsl connections in the office. One is used for internet access with a good firewall. The other is dedicated to VIOP telephone system - no firewall as it caused problems with the phone system. I want to add a security cam DVR with remote monitoring to the same dsl connection as the phone system which has no firewall.

My question is, is there any point of adding a firewall just for the DVR if im going to need to port forward the ports to access the dvr remotely? Is port forwarding essentially the same as having no firewall on a simpe device like a dvr?
Thanks for any help.
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  1. Port forwarding and firewalls are 2 different things. On redirects network traffic to the correct device and the other blocks/allows network traffic.
  2. Thanks for the repy. Are you saying that adding a router would be adding a layer of security against someone hacking the DVR even if I have to open the ports anyways?
    Thanks again
  3. Without knowing your exact setup, that's a hard question to answer. Is your DSL connection PPPOE or DHCP? Why don't you add the DVR to the other DSL connection?
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