Processor is overheating need help

Hey guys I need help my processor is intel q9550 at stock and it is overheating the fan is working normally but it still overheated at idle it is 90+ temp sorry my spelling must suck becUse I am writing from my iPhone. Also idk if this will help but when I started up my computer After it crashing it sAid something about processor thermal chip, please help guys I greatly Appreciate this, and wow my grammar sucks lol
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    Well the first thing you need to do is check the heatsink make sure it is tight on its pins in the motherboard it sounds to me that it most likely isn't sitting properly on the CPU. If it wasn't installed correctly it could have become loose, those pins are really hard to get in the right position sometimes and over time the heatsink will slip further and further off the heatsink. Also take the heatsink totally off clean the old thermal compound off with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip and wipe it clean with a coffee filter or something that is lint free and reapply some new thermal compound. Besides that make sure all fans are running and clean all dust out of heatsinks and computer itself.

    After all that and still having trouble check in the bios if you can and make sure all the voltages are set right vcore should not be above 1.36 volts.
  2. My processor was installed by profesionals from micro center store I'm not sure but I will check my heatsink right when I wake up tommorow and thanks for helping I will update soon
  3. Yes! thank you, my computer's temp is now 40 C, when i went to check my heatsink i notice alot of dust around my CPU fan so i cleaned it out and bam! 20 minutes later the CPU cooled off thanks.
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