5200RPM Fans?

Would having 2 Delta AFB1212GHE pulling air out and 1 Delta AFB1212GHE pushing air in. Would that work? Sound is not an issue.
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  1. Sure! There's nothing wrong with that...except for the excessive noise from the Delta fans. :ange:
  2. do you have a heatsink that would benefit from it?
  3. Got a Noctuaheat sink and Ive got a fan controller that will sort it out for when am not gaming haha
  4. then yea you should be fine nothing wrong with that setup
  5. Thanks. Just hope it drops my temps :p
  6. what thermal paste are you using? also what cpu do you have? is it oc'ed? if so to what? and also what kind of case airflow do you have? lol bombed you with q's
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