Need help setting up MSI P55-GD65/i7870

Im trying to find the optimal bios setup for this newbuild.Right now it is running at default settings except for memory which is 4GB viper II sector5 dual ch kit.
I had to do some adjusting to get the ram from the 1333 to 1600 when I first started it up.Anyway I tried the OC genie today and what a joke.Not only did it increase the cpu temps to the high 50s it also made overall performance SLOWER.All it did was lower the multiplier and increase the FSB into the 150s.

The PC runs a-lot faster in turbo mode.3.6ghz--Ram@1600 CL7-7-7-20-59-1T

But I would like to get the above speed not using turbo mode but a better bios setup to maximize performance.
So does anyone have this setup and whats the best bios settings to use.

I have read that turbo mode = inconsistant performance.
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  1. WOW really?no-one has an i7 870 overclocked?
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    Well, that's easy,
    Manually set your
    VCore to 1.3v
    VTT to 1.2v
    VDimm to 1.65v
    Set memory to 2:10 (160BCLK x 10) = 1600Mhz
    BCLK to 160
    Disable Turbo Boost
    Disable C-States
  3. Oh, and also disable SpeedStep
    Your idle temps will be higher.
    If your load temps go above 70ºC go to BIOS and set a lower VCore step-by-step.
  4. Thanks for the tips.I just installed win 7 pro and am learning to use the newer OS.
    What about EIST and that C1 something.
  5. It's quite possible to archieve this overclock with C1E and EIST enabled.
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