Overheating radeon 4650

Hello, I just upgraded my cpu from a X2 4000+ to a 5600+ my 4000+ heatsink was overheating with the 5600+ so I got a new heatsik, before the cpu upgrade my Radeon 4650 would run very cool, wouldnt go above like 40, my new heatsink fan keeps my cpu at low temps but in games my video card stays at around 70-72º which seems way hot. Am I save here? I am thinking about taking the heatsink off the video card and putting some thermal paste on it. Is that a good idea? I have very good cooling in my case too, im not sure whats going on here. Any feedback would be awesome.

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    Get some thermal paste on that, and report back.
  2. alright, I will.. also by the way, if i turn the fan up to like 60-70% the temps go down to around 60-62, isnt it really hard on the card if I do that though?
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