Pa55a -ud3 starts the 2nd time not the first time!

I recently built my system

My specs
Gigabyte Odin 800GT
Gigabyte P55A-UD3
Core i7 860
8GB 1333 Kingston Value RAM
Cooler Master TX3.

It was working fine. Recently it developed a strange thing.

When I start the first time - there is no POST after few seconds I switch off the power and start again and now it starts.Once started no problem at all.Kindly advice
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  1. Since you didn't mention any overclocking, etc, go into BIOS, load Optimized Defaults, manually set memory voltage and timings to match your memory specs, and save/exit. Remove or otherwise disable Gigabyte's OCing utilities.

    See if the symptoms disappear.

    Then slowly add back any timing changes you (or ET6/Smart6) made.
  2. All components running stock - no alterations at all - ran memtest 4 hrs ago and confirmed no faulty ram modules.
    Already loaded optimised defaults as well as fail safe settings -

    Thank you all for the inputs
  3. System update:

    Updated BIOS to the latest F11. but still happens.
    But this happens only once, - the first time.. after that following restarts no problem.
    I am running windows 7 ultimate 64bit.
  4. It's having a problem with hardware during post - It could just be a race condition, it's checking a parameter before it has stablized. For your memory, Set memory to Use profile 1, that should set memory to factory specs.

    As for memory, I use memtest before loading the operating system, and if I make any changes affecting memory I use a boot CD with memtest. But I find prime 95 much better at identifing memory errors.

    How's your PSU. Is it a "good" one and are the Voltages good.
  5. Ah!
    Regarding the psu - its standard - Gigabyte OdinGT 800W. Let me try this profile 1 setting and reply.

    But once started no problem at all.Its stable no fluctuation etc. Even when I restart - no problem.

    Always the first time only!
  6. robovind said:
    But once started no problem at all.Its stable no fluctuation etc. Even when I restart - no problem. Always the first time only!
    Your mobo either needs to change some parameter the first time through, or at least needs to try twice to start up from cold. It does one of those, and everything is fine.

    Usually this is memory (or psu) related, which is why Chief and I gave you two ways of ensuring memory settings match memory, using the settings that have the max chance of compatability. (You could try Fail-safe defaults, too)

    Alternatively, it could be your psu is not providing adequate, clean power when first awakened. Like me, it may be a little slow getting out of bed in the morning lol. This 2007 review article:
    talks about lower than desired voltage levels and software to tune the rails. I don't know if that is connected to your issues, but its worth reading and thinking about.
  7. Have you set any of the values in BIOS? IF so, which ones? If not, try setting the DRAM Voltage to 1.64V. If that doesn't work please provide a link to your RAM.
  8. Kingston ram says it is 1.5v Will I be not harming the ram if I increase the voltage?

    This strange behavior happens only if the system is switched off for more than 2-3 hrs.If started within few minutes it is ok.

    I noticed the cpu speed increases to 2.93ghz though I haven't touched the multiplier.

    basically I dont want to overclock my system.I want a perfect stable system.

    Advice please!
  9. What happened when you tried the advice given previously?
  10. Thank you for the concern..I removed all the ram bars and I am going for exchange with my stores. When I built my system 1 month before i got Kingmax 1600mhz ddr3 ram (2x2gb), which worked flawlessly.Only now I remember that there wasn't any beep when the system booted.. Last week only when I changed my ram to Kingston 4x2gb all these happened. I cleared cmos many times, loaded fail safe as well as optimised defaults and now i hear the beep when the system boots...I am not sure the absence of beep is normal or indicates something is wrong! Once booted no problem...10 min of PRIME 95 - ok no problem. Right now running on 1x2gb standby ram ..have to check after few hrs of switching off. May be the ram comes on wednesday...Suppose nothing works I am planning to go with kingmax 1600mhz - problem is I am planning to install Noctua NH-D14 - worried about the clearance from board....
  11. Hi all! :hello:
    I am glad to say that all my ram bars were exchanged at the stores and I got new set of 8GB which the recognised and now the system beeps(normally) during booting and no hiccups so far. Thank you all support! :bounce:
  12. Good to hear you're up and running. Enjoy your rig.
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