Random skipping and freezes

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 2.66Ghz Socket 775 CPU

EVGA motherboard(forget the specifics of it)

Corsair 8gigs PC6400 DDR2 800MHz (4x2048MB)

WD Caviar Green 1TB 32MB/SATA-3G

windows 7 64 bit

Power Up Standard 450w ATX Power Supply

so i built my self a computer a while back and it was running good for a long time until id get random errors that would freeze up the video and audio for a second or two at a time like if you skipped a cd player. i reinstalled the OS and that didnt fix it. i ran a memtest and it didnt return any errors. i tried swaping my hard drive out with one from another computer, but that wont even boot up. it attempts to load up and then blue screens and restarts. after that i took out each ram stick and tried to boot up with each individual and they all do the same thing so i dont think its memory. does this sound like an issue that could be caused by a bad mobo?
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  1. Well depending on the rest of your specs (GPU mainly) you might have a PSU issue. I don't know of any "Power Up Standard" PSU's, so that is the first red flag that I see.

    Do you have another PSU that you can use or borrow??
    What is your GPU??
    Have you OC'd your CPU??
  2. nothing is overclocked. and before i just copied the components from my invoice from tiger direct. its actually a coolmax cxi-600b psu, which is actually 600w which is over what i need although it may have gone bad. ill try to swap another one in. thanks for the reply
  3. well after a few more trys to boot up correctly i saw that one of my partitions on the drive im using is totaly dead. i have a felling that at least part of the issue is my hard drive so im sending away for a new one because its under full warranty anyway
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