How can you tell if a hard drive is fast?

I want to get the fastest hard drive possible thats around 100$. It dosnt have to be a large capacity just big enough to record games on. I was thinking an ssd.

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  1. You want to use Fraps or a similar tool to record gameplay? It has been designed so that a mechanical HDD will work fine with it. For $100 you will be getting a 40-60GB SSD which will fill up fast when recording gameplay. I would just get the biggest 7200RPM drive you can get for $100, and you should be set.
  2. Right now I dont know how fast my mechanical disk is. It scored a 5 in the windows test so I am sure its slow. When I play skyrim I run at 60+ fps, but when I record it knocks down to about 10 fps so I know my hdd right now sucks, I didnt think about it when I chose a cheap one when I picked out my system.
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