XFX 4890 V 1.6

I recieved my XFX 4890 V1.6, it means i have the 4890 with a bigger fan smack in the middle. thinking it would be a great cooler i got excited. Played crysis maybe 20 mins and my computer crashes from what is most likely an overheat. The fan is at 100% (not as loud as you think D:) but when i put my hand near the exhaust at the back, the slightest amount of the hot air comes out. Why is this happening? why is it not cooling properly?
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  1. Explain what you mean by crash. Also, provide the model of your PSU.

    Generally, heat related crashes on GPUs will exibit artifacting and other poor performance before an outright crash, which will usually be a VPU recovery event when it comes to ATI cards.

    If it is a power related crash, often the PC will restart outright.

    Download GPU-Z and enable background updating in the sensors tab. Run Crysis for as long as you can before it crashes, and check your GPU temps. Anything below 95-100c should not cause a crash.
  2. Hey and when its about to crash, the game freezes for like 1 second, then 2, etc until it freezes completely screen turns green or blue and causes me to restart.
    but its the fact that NO air is flowing out of the exhaust so its bottled up in the heat pipes and im wonder why no airflow is shooting out like my old 4870 from HIS was .
  3. and when playing Arma 2 everything high my GPU was at like 50c
    but it was doing the lags before crash so i turned it off,
    got mad and turned here for help :D
  4. btw

    here is the model number:



    link to all specs pics etc.
  5. From that picture that cooler, setup-cover is not meant to exhaust ALL air out the back. It just happens to use the grilled double slot design. The fan is blowing air on to a centered finned heat sink, blowing in and to the left and right.

    Other designs use a different style fan , I want to say turbine ? Its similar to what a car uses for its air intake for heat and a/c.
  6. But its the fact NO air comes out. and its at 100% speed. exhaust and inside the case i dont feel air blowing anywhere OUT. D:
  7. Until you run GPU-Z to see the temps, and eliminate the PSU for power shortages, there is not much anyone can do for you, to be completely honest. Again, your description of the crash is indicative of a PSU issue, not overheating. There is a diagnostic process that you will need to go through to figure it out.
  8. Hmm my power supply is a 700 Watt ModXStream from OCZ
    how would i know if its bad?
  9. Well, since you have a decent PSU, you NEED to monitor your heat. Deducing it is a heat issue from holding your hand near the card and vents is NOT a proper diagnostic. Run GPU-Z while playing the game, give it 5-10 mins, or however long you can hold out before it crashes, and check the temps of the GPU in the sensor tab (make sure to turn on background updating in the sensors tab). Until you do that, there is no sure way to know.
  10. Also, give us the rest of your system specs: CPU, memory, ATI driver version, operating system, Case and ventilation set up as well as the resolution you play at. These may all be contributing factors to your problem, and can be used to help diagnose.
  11. Alright, so my specs are XFX 4890 @ 920/1050, AMD Phenom X4 @ 2.4 GHZ (kinda bad soon to be Phenom II 3.0ghz) 8 GB DDR2 RAM, Windows 7 Home premium 64 Bit, my case is a Coolermaster HAF 922 (front intake fan, side intake fan, top exhaust, rear exhaust), and the resolution is at 1280X1024 (pretty *** so i dont know whats wrong!)

    i just finished playing crysis, had like 20-30 fps (WTF?) on that resolution on HIGH settings. after playing maybe 30 mins it crashed, this time just crysis not entire comp
  12. sorry and the driver is 9.12 ATI catalyst. so its the most recent one.
  13. Alright im back from playing crysis for a good 30 mins +

    Playing everything HIGH on 1280X1024 Res with very high physics.

    i took one rear panel metal blocker (when installing a pci card you take it out) and it seems to give more airflow?

    i guess a temporary fix.

    but still getting low performance on crysis. FPS wise.

    btw the temp on my GPU playing crysis was between 45c and 50c never above.

    for now its working but lacks the performance in crysis

    any tips for performance?
  14. 1337Roflcopter said:
    btw the temp on my GPU playing crysis was between 45c and 50c never above.

    This is not a GPU heat issue. There is something else at play, but it is not GPU heat. 48xx cards can run up to 100c with stability, and you are no where near that as you have an excellent case, with good ventilation. It is possible that you have a defective card. Return your GPU stocks to clock and try running a graphics stress test. Furmark is notorious for stressing ATI cards effectively, so don't leave it running unattended, but have your GPU-Z open beside it while it runs so you can monitor the heat to stop it from going critical should it climb to dangerous levels. If running Furmark also causes the crashes, then it might be a defective card, but the only way to be completely sure is to stress test the rest of the system as well.

    You can use Memtest to make sure your ram isn't failing you. You can use Prime95 to test your CPU with the small FFTs test, or Blend to give your memory a good jog as well. Since these programs do not use your GPU, if the crash is replicated using one of these stress tests, you can be closer to identifying the problem.
  15. I think its your Overclock on your 4890, When I had a XFX HD4890 It wasn't stable at 870mhz core : / and you have yours at 920/1050.

    Usually you'll see artifacts before it crashes if a card is unstable, but with my old 4890 it just crashed, So just bring it down to stock for now and see if that helps, im pretty sure it will.
  16. Alright ill bring her down to stock,
    but also i had worse conditions with this card and called xfx and from everything i told them
    they said its not a defective card
    no signs that it would be from what i told them
    so i decided not to send it

    im on the line with them right now (on hold)
    but im sure ill get some answers
    thanks alot every!
  17. lol there like that, I thought my old 4890 was under performing and I asked them about it and they blamed EVERYTHING else, but they are a business and so want to make money (not give refunds or returns)

    Let us know how you get on with the stock settings
  18. Alright ill get off the phone with them and ill try


    at stock settings, will it still be good?

    cause i like overclocking to extra performance

    but should it perform well at stock settings?
  19. yeah should perform almost as well, 70mhz isn't that much, and besides a 4890 at stock is still very good.

    Anyway you might be able to OC, just not to 920mhz, its just easier if you start from stock as we know that stock is stable.
  20. Yes, a 4890 at stock clocks is still a bitchin piece of kit.
  21. Right,

    before it was worse when i had it at 970 :$

    rofl. guess i know why but i should be able to over clock to like 880 or soemthing below 900 if its stable at clock right?
  22. yeah, your best bet is to check stability by running Furmark for an hour and watch your temps with GPU-Z

    lol in the words of JafaMang its still "Bitchin"
  23. Just don't leave furmark unattended. The 4890 is a cooler card than my 4870, but since furmark will ratchet my card up to 90c+ in minutes, it is still not a program you want to run without monitoring. ATI cards are heavily abused by furmark.
  24. So in furmark, if the card does go above 100c do i close the program?
  25. yeah I would close it if it goes above 90C
  26. You shouldnt have to much trouble as your fan speed is at 100%
  27. Not to mention, your load temps during gaming are only 50c, so furmark probably won't volcano your card like it does my 4870.
  28. Alright im back form Crysis.

    High settings (physics very high)

    the lagging etc stopped.

    but its the fact im still only getting 20-30 FPS on a 1280X1024 resolution

    no AA
    no AF :(

    whats wrong? (BTW TEMPS ARE FINE NOW (: )

    and yeah i got off the phone with them and said the lack of performance is software or something like that

    even tho i close everything b4 playing that game -__-
  29. I've got a HIS 4890 factory overclocked to 900, that runs Crysis in 1280x1024 with things on High/Very High and a little AA on. No lagging - more than 40fps avg. My system is a i7-920, though.

    I'm not as current with the AMD cpu's, but could your cpu be a bottleneck now?

    Here's an article from Tom's with benchmarks:

  30. Thats what i was gonna ask next

    would i be bottlenecking ;D
  31. wait you have an older amd x4?
  32. i guess

    its a AMD Phenom X4 @ 2.4 GHZ

    planning when i get cash to a Phenom II Black edition @ 3.0 GHZ

    sadly im out of cash paying for this video card ):
  33. Yes, I think the Phenom is bottlenecking you in Crysis. Look at those benchmarks. Those are all Phenom II's and some of them can't handle playable rates in 1280x1024 with the eye candy up.
  34. One thing to do, its simple and most are probably already doing it but to make sure that the drivers are letting the game run the fastest before the in game settings take over.
    Right click on ati red icon in task bar.
    scroll to ati Hd 4890
    then to 3d settings
    then to standard settings,
    and make sure
    Optimal performance is checked.
    I noticed differences in windowed benchmarks with different settings, but with same in program settings.
  35. Alright

    notty22 i did that i am now going to go play crysis and see the fps etc

    if it helped or not

    THANKS in advance if it does work :)
  36. Alright im back

    playing onslaught ( guess its one of the more harder levels to play for gpu)

    and turning on optimal performance, it actually gave me a boost D:

    used to have 20-30

    when i was playing got maybe 30-40-45

    and at one point 50! D:

    so thanks everyone and thanks notty22!

    but one more question

    what if i set it to High performance

    would that give me better fps?
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