Installed new MB-i5-750-how hot should it get if only running 10 sec?

Here is the situation. I installed a new Gigabyte P55 MB with an i5-750. It initially worked fine from the first boot. I noticed it was running a little hot so I installed a new case fan (not a new CPU fan). It did not boot up after that..even after I put old fan in..I also put my old AMD MB back in and that booted fine so it's not the PSU.

I am wondering-how quickly does a processor heat up? It feels HOT to the touch after just turning off and one for a brief period . Not sure if oveheating is the issue-I do not even get to the bios screen..

Not sure what else to try here,
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  1. Is it shutting down right away? Did you check the paste on your HSF? Is it sufficient?

    Run HW Monitor or Speedfan and report the temps back to us.
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    i dont think he can even boot up...why not try the stock cooler again?
  3. Sorry, missed that. Long night.
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