Safe overclocking Kingston from 1333 to 1600

Hi there Here are my basic specs:

i3 2130 @3.4 CPU
8 gigs Kingston 1333 Mhz Value Ram in 2 modules
MSI z68ma-g43 Mobo

Well here is the story. I just overclocked my ram frequence to 1600 from 1333 which these kingston are labelled. BIOS auto-increased voltage from 1.48 to 1.60+ but I heard that voltage increase may cause damage to rams so I decreased manually to 1.48 again. So My ram are running @ 1600 mhz without voltage increase am I safe with this overclock ? I don't want to fry my rams neither my MOBO. If it is not safe I ll take my OC back but if it is safe why not benefit from a little free buff ?

I heard that plain frequence increase does not have any backdraw.

I also ran memory diagnostics test and it went without error.

Should I try to decrease timings too ? Or would that be too much ?
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  1. Also I hope I don't kill my CPU with this because it supports up to 1333 mhz ram
  2. Final question How can I decrease CL ? there is no option in BIOS for that.. Setting for DRAM timing has only link and unlink options
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