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Hi guys

Im looking to setup a small SSD with windows and a few games on it and use my old HDD for storage. I know how to set this up, but what I need to know is how to stop the main drive being filled with crap. I don't want anything but windows components and game files on it. How do I setup so that all temp files amd random internet crap is put straight to the storage disk?

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. The temporary files folders are in your profile directory by default, so if you move that to the hard drive then that's where all of the Internet caching and history files will go.
  2. As simple as that?! thanks!

    Also, Is there a way to set downloads to auto point at the second drive for each download rather than having to manually select the drive everytime I download something?
  3. In Firefox, use the "Tools" --> "Options" menu, select the "General" tab, and set the "Save files to..." option in the "Downloads" section

    For Internet Explorer, see:
  4. Don't forget to:
    1) disable hibernation. save SSD space equal to ram size.
    2) Set min/max size of page file to the same value (can use 1024 mb if you have 4 gigs ram). This saves about 3->4 gigs Space as Window use by default about 1.5 x Ram). This can also be moved to the HDD - slight performance hit, dependent on how aften the Page file is accessed.
    3) Important for Small SSDs. Either disable restore points or limit the amount of diskspace they can take.

    And follow sminlal's advice.
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