Is this right - gold pin connectors on 5770

Hi guys,

Really sorry if this is actually how it's supposed to be on a PCI-E card (been on agp forever!) but I'm troubleshooting a new build and my motherboard (asus p7p55d pro ( w/ core i5)) is flashing its little VGA diagnostic light at me while I'm getting nothing on the monitor.

And yes I've connected the pci-e power (from a nice 650 psu from corsair)

My question is - Is this right....?


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  1. I noticed that on my 5870, and checked my older 8800gts and they all had that same thing. That's how they look. I was worried too at first.
  2. Do you have the ability to try that video card in another computer? Just to make sure it's working properly?
  3. Thanks so much for getting back to me guys - I'm both relieved and stumped as to what the problem could be then!

    Argh... I wish I had another comp with a PCI-E slot - but I don't :(

    Hope I didn't esd the darn thing - never managed it before tho!

    Any thoughts for me to try? I don't suppose resetting the bios would do anything since it's brand new anyway!?
  4. 6 pin PCIe plugged in?
    (I'm assuming the PSU is the Corsair 650TX)

    Also, that board has 2x PCIe slots. Try the other slot and see.
  5. OMG - I have no idea how on earth it made any difference - but I read some rubbish online somewhere about trying the different ram slots - which didn't work and suggested to me to press the 'memOK' button (a default failsafe where it tries different ram timings etc... which also didn't work... but then when I put the RAM back in the original slots and just gave everything a good shove it booted - the bios came up with options to recover settings as after a failed boot, but whatever kicked it into action - it's working!

    Thanks so much for you help and suggestions, I wouldn't have pursued it if you hadn't told me the card was actually normal!

  6. It is usually not the order of the RAM, rather the fact that it is quite often not sitting properly and by removing and reinstalling it, it fixes the problem.
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