Overclocked i7 2600K still reading 3.4 but it IS OC'd... Any help?

Hey just a quick one,

Ive have an overclocked 2600K, its been running for a good 9 months now comfortably at 4.2 (I can get it up to 4.6-4.8 but even 4.2 is overkill for everyday stuff) my CPU is at about 50% usage when my gtx 580 is maxed out on bf3 so im not looking to overclock any more and i know its stable etc. My issue is that on anytesting programs like novabench and thenever any programs read my clock speed they ALWAYS read 3.4 which is the standard speed. CPU-Z shown my speed changing between 1.6 and 4.2 which is what i am aware should be happening and i know it is OC'd because i get an increase on the testing programs when i change the speed but they still always read 3.4Ghz... Does anybody know why it does this? Its not a problem as i know the OC is working and making a difference but its just annoying that everything seems to be reading some kind of 'default' value other than CPU-Z?

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  1. Windows will always read your CPU as it's stock speed. This happens to most Intel CPU's, sandybridge being one if them. CPU-Z works well, have you tried Aida64?
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