Hpw to connect windows 7 x64 to win xp x32 for LAN gameing?

I tryed hamachi and wippinen, and i tryed to find solutions for them but atm i have failed. :(
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  1. None of the terms you use mean anything to me, I assume they are games ?

    To network two computers without a router you need an ethernet crossover cable between the two network adapters on the computers.

    You need to turn off the firewalls on both machines and (I guess) you need to enable file sharing on relevant folders on the machines. You should also make a note of the name of each computer (Control Panel, System) .

    Personally I would start by trying to exchange files between the machines by going to My Network Places and selecting Add New Network Place (the procedure may be different but similar on Win7).
  2. i have win 7 x64 and my friend has win XP pro x32, i bought new pc and since i have windows 7. For PC games we cannot connect in lan anymore. When i took my pc to my friends place connecting was no problem. but when i cam back home, its not working.
  3. :( could someone help me how to solve this problem, or what program should i use!?
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