Restart Loop GA-73PVM-S2H

Yesterday a lightning bolt hit the telefon/power pole outside my house and it fried some electronics and my ADSL modem (the pc was turned off at the time of the lightning). I started up the pc and it booted fine and i could do whatever i wanted in windows except that i lost the network adapter, but after i turned it off and on again, after 5~ seconds it started to loop back into a reboot. The loop is about 3 seconds long and it goes on forever. If i press the power button and hold it (to power it off) it doesn't respond at all. The reset button does squat too. BUT if i power it off from the power supply switch, leave it for the capacitors to discharge and then on from the power supply and on from the power button it works, boots just fine. If i choose to access the BIOS, everything works except the Network connection (no cable diagnosis) and when i exit bios and boot back up to windows, no dice, it enters the reboot loop.

Basically what i have is a sistem that works only IF it's powered from a totally cold state (unplugged from the power supply) and if i boot directly to windows (without going to bios first). The PSU and all the other components check out. So my conclusion was that, since my modem got fried it must have send a surge through the lan cable into the pc and fried the network chip. All the capacitors on the motherboard look in perfect condition, the only thing i noticed was the small hole in the RTL811B chip

My question is .. can i take and identical chip from a dead mobo and replace this one?
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  1. Theoretically possible - however, my Mouser catalog lists their cheapest surface-mount rework desolderer at $546.77 (no tips), with the requisite tips between $63-$83! You've got 64 pins there that all have to be done at once, without frying anything - for the price of the equipment, you could buy yourself a nice UD9 [:isamuelson:8]
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