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Ok So my dad wants me to build him a 10tb Home Server. Since we are gonna put it on a network so he can have 5000 movies on there to the point he can pull it up on any TV. But to the question. Ive been Doing a lot of research and i was wondering if i should just go with standard Core i7 Setup with a good mobo or actually get a server mobo and like Xeons. All this Computer with be used for is Streaming Videos through a network to multiple tvs.
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  1. The first thing you need to decide on is what software you gonna use: WHS, Drobo, unRAID, FreeNAS or zfs. You then build your hardware according to the requirements of the software.

    Anyone thinking of building a home server of that big a capacity should read this first: http://breden.org.uk/2008/03/02/a-home-fileserver-using-zfs/
  2. We are going to Use this Thing called A Zexes but this isnt really much a server more of a Home media center.
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