5770 random vertical lines

Im new here. i was wondering if you can help me with my problem. about a week ago, i built a new pc. my 5770 keeps on getting random vertical lines. Sometimes, the card runs flawless for hours straight. but sometimes, i turn on my pc and when i get to desktop, i click on something and the vertical lines showup and forces me to restart. from what i heard, its the drivers but i dont know

My Specs are the following

AMD Phenom II 955 x4

XFX Raedon 5770

4 Gb of ram

Bfg 550w

Asus M4A78T-E Motherboard

Running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

Any help would greatly appreciated
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  1. Your card could be defective. You may have to RMA it. Just to rule out the monitor, or the monitor cable, you should try and connect your rig to another monitor (with a different monitor cable), or test the monitor (with it's current cable) on another system.
  2. thanks for the quick replay
    i have tried another monitor and it seems to still happen.
  3. Hmm are you overclocked at all?

    I had this incredibly strange 'bug' with my 4770's, both overclocked. Sometimes they would boot fine and go all day without a crash, but sometimes on boot I would get many lines across the screen and I would have to restart.

    I was heavily overclocked, and stable running everything except for this random lines crash on booting up. The only way I solved it was by lowering the clocks.
  4. nope everything is on stock
    im not getitng random lines when booting up
    its like after 30 seconds i get on desktop
    or when i click on something like ie firefox
  5. Do you have the latest drivers from ATI?
  6. Hmm that link probably wont work unless you are in the uk. should do it though.

    Also be aware that a large driver upgrade is coming very soon, version 10.1 :)
  7. yes i have the latest ati drivers
  8. It is starting to sound like an RMA job then. You said you built this new pc, I assume you had an older one and older graphics card too? If so, give that a run in your new pc so you can remove the possibility of a different component being at fault.
  9. this is my first build. my old computer was like 6 years old and has no video card :(
    without the video card it runs great. when i uninstall the drivers, it still runs vga without any crashes or freezes
  10. Oh you have a gx mobo.

    Well at least you can still do stuff while you RMA the 5770 :)
  11. yepp :D
    i guess i have to rma but its my first rma soo im kinda nervous :S
    thanks for your help :D
  12. Best answer
    Well i've RMA'd a lot of cards, and they've all been accepted. The only trouble I had was with my 8800gt that had a faulty fan, but you had to play for hours for it to show up. And when it showed up, it was unreal how noisy the rattle was.

    The RMA tester argued with me for over a week :D, but finally it started to do exactly as I'd said. You've done enough tests on your own pc...if you can try it out on a friends pc and it does the same thing? That gives extra credibility to your arguement if you need one, and most importantly you know for a fact that something is wrong with that card.
  13. haha thanks for the help
    will ship my card tmrw :D
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