Do Gigabyte motherboards have powered eSata


I have a Gigabye GA-MA785GM-US2H which has an eSata port.

I don't own any eSata products yet, but have seen a new passport sized Seagate FreeAgent Goflex with eSata cable option. It says it works with a powered eSata port only.

Having checked the manual for the motherboard I can't find anything so wondered if anyone could help to confirm if it is powered or not?

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  1. They aren't powered - powered ports are still kind of rare...
  2. Actually what I meant to ask was are they eSATA/USB combo port. That is what seagate says is required.
  3. Unfortunately, that neither... I took a look at a sampling of GB's AMD boards, including a number of 880/980's, and didn't see a single one with USB/eSATA's. Only place I've seen 'em so far is on the newer boards for the 1156/1366 'i-SomeMeaninglessNumber-Core' platforms.
  4. eSATAp or eSATA/USB = powered SATA. The MOBO "looks" like a powered port {see images}; however, the manual doesn't specify if it is 100% powered.


    GA-MA785GM-US2H (rev. 3.3):
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