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:bounce: i have a 775 socket, asus mother board---P5G41T-M-LX i have a p D duel core 2.8 ghz /1066 FSB, on a msi gtx 550 ti graphics card, 4 gi8g mem DDR3 main board. i play cod4,, and im laging real bad, ( internet)i have 30 Mbps down load, 376 up load
Do you think if i upgraded my processor, to a quad core (q9550) lag775 socket,, that will help.. get rid of the lag issue?
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  1. Your Upload speed is your lag as far as gaming. Multiple cores are just beginning to be integrated for use in the more sophisticated games like BF3, ME3, etc... If you think the problem is your PC, check temps. then downgrade quality. Mainly, 376kbps is mighty low, check with for actual transfer speeds, to see where you are.
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