Upgrades. input on MSI P55M-GD41 mobo?

I'm looking to spend around 400 dollars to replace my old Motherboard, CPU and RAM.

What i've put together on newegg comes to a total of 399.97, now I need your guys' help as far as input primarily on the mobo.

Motherboard: MSI P55M-GD41 -
CPU Intel: i5-750 -
RAM: 2x2gig DDR3 Corsair 1600 PC3 12800 -

Ram and CPU are pretty much set. i'm just curious about that board, any input? I can't find anything negative about it.

Open to suggestions on any parts, which is why I didn't post it on the MOBO thread.
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  1. The barebone is good for $400, but until I know the upgrade goal, I can't recommend any parts.
  2. I'm just trying to get rid of my old socket 775 mobo to salvage this rig for another year until i9's come out and are reasonable. If I can OC with that board I will. but i'm basically just looking for the best motherboard for my i5 for the price.

    The part difference is going to be my old P5L-VM 1394, and E6300 Conroe. with two gigs of ddr2 667 RAM
  3. So ... you're basically doing a full system upgrade minus a video card, and then retiring it in a year? Seems like kind of a waste.

    Personally, I'd either treat the i5 as a new system and keep it for a couple years (at which point it will still be a great system) ... or if your heart is set on the i9, just drop an E6600 in the current system for $70 or so. Or overclock it to get another year out of it. But it sounds like you're about to pay for two system upgrades and only end up with one computer.
  4. I'm trying to part out afew pieces to make this computer worthy of this years gaming titles, such as Bad Company 2. What I said about tossing this computer to the side in a year probably won't happen, if I get this up and running i'll likely play it until it's obsolete. but am on a 400 dollar budget right now.
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    ahh. Well then what you said makes sense ... unless you're planning on using crossfire at some point. Then I would see if you can find a board that supports two cards at x16/x16 instead of having the second slot at x4. For some reason, that looks difficult to find on an 1156 board, though.

    If you're not planning on crossfire/SLI, that board should be fine, then. Although in that case, I'd say just get a board with a single PCIe x16 slot and USB 3.0 support for like $10 more:
  6. Do not get that board linked above. It's an H55 not a P55. Hxx series is meant to utilize the IGP of the Clarksdale CPU's. You can find a P55 with USB 3.0 for the same price.

    If you want to do CrossFire or SLI get an X58. P55 says it can do dual GPU but it drags and hurts performance since both PCIe buses don't do full x16. Look out because some P55's 2nd PCIe bus only does x4, which is worse. Either way, I highly recommend against getting a P55 for SLI/CrossFire.

    As for the board you chose there, if money is an issue go for it. It's a great board and has some very decent OCing options. It's bigger brothers have been reviewed on Tom's and it is one of the best MicroATX board out. The '41 just has fewer extras.

    If you don't need any extra PCI slots/firewire/extra USB/eSATA/extra SATA/etc, go with the board, you'll be happy with it and it will keep you in your price range.

    If you do want some extra features and don't mind shelling out another 10-20 bucks, look into the higher versions from MSI, namely the GD45 or 55.
  7. Actually it is a P55 Chipset, and I just found it teamed with a I5-750 for $185 at Frys. That's a screaming deal anyway you cut it.
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