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Worth to wait for the ATI price drop? (When Fermi comes out)

Do you guys think it is worth it to wait for the Fermi to come out in order to take advantage of a possible ati price drop on the 5 series cards?

How much do you think the price drop will be?

(The card I am looking at is the 5770)
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  1. Not a single dollar.
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    ATI cards are going to be completely unaffected.

    When the 300 series cards come out, there's going to be so much pent-up demand among people who insist on buying Nvidia, they could come out charging $800. Probably will, too, and they'll still sell out as fast as they can make them. If you're looking for a price war, that'll probably happen in like ... 2011, if ever.
  3. If you are looking at the HD5770 then definitely don't wait. The initial Fermi cards should be high end and depending on price they MAY compete with the HD5850/70 but not with the lower end cards.
  4. 5850 was released at 269.99, thatas what made that card such a winner. Look for it to finally go back to that. Thats still leaves a big gap between it and a 5770. Nvidia might get my cash if something interesting arrives at the 220-250.
  5. That's what the HD5830 is for. I wouldn't get you hopes up on a fermi card in that price range for a while.
  6. 1. Fermi is competing against the 5870.

    2. It won't be made cheaply enough to hurt ATI, so they aren't going to be price warring. On GPU costs alone not factoring other stuff, its going to be at least $100 higher priced than 5870.
  7. jyjjy said:
    That's what the HD5830 is for. I wouldn't get you hopes up on a fermi card in that price range for a while.

    See that i what im waiting for. i want the fermi to drop the 5850 back to its regular prices so the 5830 will hit around the 220-230 mark. if it does i will def buy the 5830 if the reviews prove it to be as good as it seems it will be.
  8. The 5870s already suffered a mild price drop... But it wasn't related to Nvidia, though.
  9. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I decided that I won't wait.

    Although... I still have to wait for the SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD502HJ 500GB to come back in stock at amazon :fou:
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