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My old XP computer gave up the ghost and I have tried to move the files to my new windows 7 computer. I removed the hard drive, installed it in a USB external enclosure and my new computer recognizes the drive. The problem I'm having is XP won't let me see all of the data files since they were in user directories. Can some help me extract the files.
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  1. You need to take ownership of the files, because they were secured to your user only. Everything you need to know is in this URL.
  2. Did you encrypt your XP user folders by any chance.

    The User folders should be available under the "Users" folder on the HDD. Try looking there and make sure you have got hidden files and folders visible.

    If that doesn't work you could always try booting the old XP operative system and copying off the data that way.

    Timely reminder however to always use backup procedures or Webstorage such as Dropbox.
  3. This is ntfs secure access,right click your directory,select property, change the secure access
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