Pleeease! I need only the most basic setting for TwinView with Fedora

Ok, I'll try to explain my problem otherwise.

I have a 9400GT 1GB card, a 19" 5x4 Viewsonic monitor plugged to the computer with a DVI cable and a 16x9 Sony TV plugged with an HDMI cable. I can somehow see something on both screens in twinview mode. The settings I want seem to me like the most basic.

I want the monitor to be the primary display. I want my desktop to show on the TV in a 5x4 aspect ratio on the 16x9 TV. So the borders should touch the top and bottom of the TV, the sides be black.

If I view an image that's 16x9 it shouldn't fill the monitor, but it should fill the TV. If I view a Panavision film in Anamorphic 2.40:1, the image should touch both the right and left sides on both the monitor and the TV with black at the top and bottom.

This afternoon I tried playing with GPU scaling methods: Stretched, Centered, Aspect ratio scaled and couldn't in any way do what I just described. Quite often, the settings would revert to Streched even though I saved the EDID file.

I checked Google for: "GPU scaling methods" Stretched Centered "Aspect ratio scaled"

(Note: the url begins with http. I didn't remove "://".)



There's also this:

wvengen wrote on 2009-01-12: #3

The scaling option is not saved into .nvidia-settings-rc. Bummer.

Added a new command-line option "--scaling" which mimicks nVidia's FlatPanelProperties Scaling option, see . Leaving scaling unchanged unless specified.


This was one year ago. Has the problem been fixed? I see no "--scaling" in appendix D. Would this be useful for me:

"Please note that NVIDIA's internal AGP support cannot work if AGPGART is either statically compiled into your kernel or is built as a module and loaded into your kernel."

(I didn't compile my kernel. Does anything need to be changed? I use M.L.)

Option "FlatPanelProperties" "string"

This option requests particular properties for all or a subset of the connected flat panels.

The option string is a semicolon-separated list of comma-separated property=value pairs. Each list of property=value pairs can optionally be prepended with a flat panel name.

"<DFP-0>: <property=value>, <property=value>; <DFP-1>: <property=value>; ..."

Recognized properties:


"Scaling": controls the flat panel scaling mode; possible values are: 'Default' (the driver will use whichever scaling state is current), 'Native' (the driver will use the flat panel's scaler, if possible), 'Scaled' (the driver will use the NVIDIA GPU's scaler, if possible), 'Centered' (the driver will center the image, if possible), and 'aspect-scaled' (the X driver will scale with the NVIDIA GPU's scaler, but keep the aspect ratio correct).

"Dithering": controls the flat panel dithering mode; possible values are: 'Default' (the driver will decide when to dither), 'Enabled' (the driver will always dither, if possible), and 'Disabled' (the driver will never dither).


Option "FlatPanelProperties" "Scaling = Centered"

set the flat panel scaling mode to centered on all flat panels.

Option "FlatPanelProperties" "DFP-0: Scaling = Centered; DFP-1: Scaling = Scaled, Dithering = Enabled"

set DFP-0's scaling mode to centered, set DFP-1's scaling mode to scaled and its dithering mode to enabled.


Thanks for your help. Try to explain things simply. I know nothing in the matter.
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