I7 920 OC questions

I've OCed my i7 920 from 2666 Mhz to 3610 Mhz and have some heat questions primarily. I am having no stability issues just want to know is these are safe low term temperatures. I am running at around 45C idle and 55-60C under gaming load. My Tj Max lists as 100C.

My system is i7 920, Bloomfield with Nehalem architecture, CPU liquid cooled, X58 chipset, Alienware 04VWF2 mainboard, A11 bios, 9216 mb DDR3, Radeon HD 5970 GPU OCed to 800/1100.

Are my temperatures good or should I be worried?
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  1. for a gaming load that's pretty bad, have you tried a stress test like prime 95 or intel burn test?

    they have a Tcase of 67C so try to stay around that
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