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just recently my computer got stuck in a boot sequance (and remains stuck). You see, I would start up the machine it comes to this very first screen which shows my bios version and the processor I have and normaliy it would do a real quick scan of my ram (pretty much check each kb) the after that would display a few other things about the ram (like the speed and such) then continue booting up but just recently it started up showed the screen with my bios ext. and my processor but it dosen't do the ram test and it just stays at that screen emits a beep and then restarts. it keeps doing this as long as i leave it on. if it means anything, a little while before this first started it got a BSOD with an error code of 0x00000A. i ignored this and shut down my computer. next time i started up my computer it didn't get the BSOD again.
Any help would be greatly aprecatied.
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  1. did U see any *.sys files or *.dll files in the BSOD beside the error code?

    Ok, there could be a lot of things,first check bios settings and maybe try resetting your bios, and U can try to check your ram, hard .I dunno if it's laptop or desktop, but some PC's like HP have ram tests, and hard drive tests at startup, if not you can try taking out ram (if you have two sticks, U can try one of them at a time) or try tests with Hiren Boot cd. But you can also do A LOT with your own xp cd and recovery console.
    (Boot from cd, press R , type 1, type enter or enter password)
    Try a chkdsk /r /f first, rename or replace files that U think are causing this (that's why I asked about *.sys and *.dll files, but make backup of them first), and if the ram , hard and other stuff turn out ok on tests, then we can think of corruption, and later of some other fixes with recovery console (like a fixboot) if U don't want to reinstall.

    Also, U mentioned a beep. Is it the normal beep you hear or just started hearing when U started to get this problem?This is important because it can tell us what is actually wrong. There are beep codes that "tell"the computer what is not working right, depending on how long the beep is and the number of them.
    And what PC do you have?

  2. well thats alot of information and sorry but i don't remember anything from the BSOD. my computer i built myself but it has a solteck motherboard if that helps. its ram is 2x1 gb kingston value ram. my computer is a desktop and lastly i hear the beep every time some error happens and my computer has to shut down or restart. also i should metion i cannot get into bios. sorry but i don't have a recovry disk both my harddrive and os were salvaged so i didn't get the disk.
    thank you for replying it has been very helpful and i will check the ram later.
  3. well nevermind it seems to have solved it self i just had to wait a little thank you for all the help.
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