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First off I know this thread is going to be redirected somewhere else, but I honestly have no idea under what category this belongs to in this forum.

I just ordered a graphics card on newegg yesterday night, but I found a better deal locally today so I was hoping I could refund the product before it even ships out (the latest email I received was that the product was charged). Has this been successful for anyone? Could I get a full refund?

And yeah, I used a debit card to order the item. Would this affect my getting the refund? (I had some weird experiences with debit cards so I'm not gonna try to assume anything at this point.)
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  1. Just tell the mail man to send it back and just tell newegg you never received it and wish to cancel the order.
  2. well what happened to me was i went to the big bad wolfs house and wiped my but with his graphics card and put it on his dresser then snuck out and the next day a guy in Europe ate some waffles for breakfast and he felt slightly satisfied. thats what usually happens to under dressed kittens. :-)
  3. I know that this thread is old and abandoned, but I am also having an issue with returns -- well, it's actually not an issue yet... but it will be! Allow me to explain: Last week, I ordered a video card from NewEgg, but a day later, after some intense research, I found that the video card I ordered is not compatible with my PC (I'm a dunce, I know). So I was wondering, when UPS comes tomorrow can I simply refuse to accept the shipment? Or does this only apply to damaged products? If I do refuse the shipment, what will happen then? Help please!
  4. I'd suggest writing to Newegg and explaining your case. They are fairly nice, and may even let you return it without the restocking fee. Or if not, the restocking fee isn't that high.
  5. Hmmmm, I suppose I could try that before I run off and start shoving orders back in their face. Alright, I will try that I post their reply here.
  6. from my experience, you can do one of two things

    1. bring the package back to UPS and state you never requested the item (newegg actually told me to do that!)
    2. call them, tell them the item is DOA, you don't want to pay a restocking fee, and you want a refund. They then email you a RMA #
  7. I might actually try one of these alternatives considering that the NewEgg website says that it could take up to EIGHT days from the time you send your item back to the time you actually receive a refund... that's a bit too long of a wait for me. Are you sure that I can't just hand the package back to the UPS guy when he tries to drop it off and say, "I actually need to send this item back to the manufacturer because I do not need it any longer."
  8. Alright, I have decided to send the item back the good-old, fool-proof way. I submitted a request for a RMA and am now ready to slap a USPS label on the box and ship it back (if it ever arrives!). And uh, we don't have to send it back by UPS do we? It seems that NewEgg screams for its customers to send items back by UPS.
  9. strike74 said:
    Alright, I have decided to send the item back the good-old, fool-proof way.

    you greeted the UPS guy wearing a wife beater, boxers, a bottle of whiskey in one hand, and a shotgun in the other???

    If you tell Newegg its DOA, they will mail you a pre-paid UPS label. Otherwise the USPS is fine to mail back items.
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