I can't change my cpu fan speed with speedfan

this my pc configuration

i tried to change my cpu fan speed speedfan but failed
can anyone help me speed up my cpu fan pls
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  1. If you have the cpu fan pluged into the cpu fan header then the bios should be controlling it acording to the temps. Is the fan not speeding up acording to the temps?
  2. inzone thanx for answering
    i checked my bios yesterday but i didn't find anything related to cpu fan
  3. is there anyway i can increase it's speed, a software of a specific configuration for speedfan
  4. In the bios under hardware monitor there is an option for the temps and the fan speed and you can select options in both. you can enable or diable the options. If the bios is controlling the cpu fan then I doubt that you can change it with speed fan and if you diable it then the fan will not work unless you set the speeds in speedfan.
    Just out of curiosity why do you need to increase the fan speed? Are you getting high temps with the cpu? Is the bios not increasing the fan speed when needed?
    Acording to the description of what speedfan does it is capable of changing the speeds of fans so if in your case you can't do that then maybe it's not clear in the software how to do it or you need to uninstall it and redownload it and install it again.


  5. Got similar problem here: my bios runs cpu fan at 2000 - 2500 Rpm max, its not enough cause the cpu is always overheated even if i dont play games. Cant change in speedfan -.- Bios has no option for increasing fan speed.
  6. Me too, this is shitting me the old bios file that I was running would let me do it but after the bios update nothing,
    I used a water cooler and at lest then I could play games without it crashing my system,

    The water cooler is being sent back to where I got it from, And using the stock heat sink, I could use to change the speeds of the CPU fan but now I can not,
    Might look at spending the last of my money til I get the replacement water cooler/new motherboard
  7. well guys i use Dell Precision t5400 my GPU is double intel xeon... i guess and its fix when i open the cover...
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