Need help overclocking fx 8150!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I need some help with a stable 5.0ghz! im currently at 4.605MHz at 1.48volts, 255fsb, Dual channel corsair vengance 1600mhz at 1699mhz 9, 10, 9, 27, 41 at 1.675volts. Is there anyone out there with a stable rig faster then mine thats running a 8150? my windows expierence index is at 7.8 cpu 7.8 mem 7.8/7.8 radeon hd 6870 gpu, 7.9 hdd. I know that this benchmark is a pice of S*** tho just want to max the number out. I got it in front of the air conditioner so heat is not a problem. Please help its my 4th build and i'm a amateur in the OC field. Tho im not resorting to intel just to throw that out there. Some tighter ram timings would be nice, just i want this to soar!!!!!

the rig consists of:

HAF Full tower
AMD FX 8150 with corsair H100 cooler
Corsair Vengence 1600 8gb
Coolmax 750watt psu
Radeon HD 6870 2gb
Blu-Ray Burner
OCZ Agility 3 120GB SSD
and tons of fans
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  1. So far its prime 95 stable for 6hrs at 68*c
  2. I thought I saw some info that said the 4-core FX chips were good up to 70-something, but the 8-cores are only supposed to operate up to 61C. (core temps)
  3. So far this oc is running 8 cores at 4.6 at 32*c and 68*c on a prime 95 torture test. I can easily hit 5.0 with 4 cores disabled tho want all cores going if possible w/o liguid nitrogen...
  4. I should have said "safely". AMD recommends not getting the cores hotter than 61C.
  5. I really could care less about amd recommended factory limitations , just dont want to apply too much volts if not needed and stay under 70 for a short burst benchmark. I would save this oc in a profile and use when needed.
  6. I think it's your motherboard that's holding you back.
  7. so i would be better off with the crosshair formula 5 mobo for the fullest potential?
  8. Yeah.
  9. You could probably get the Gene too and save money.
  10. I have an 8120 on a Sabertooth board (which I like)! I was stuck @ 4.4 for a long time then I lowered the Northbridge from 2600 to 2400 and was able to run Prime stable @ 4.5GHz

    My RAM performance in the win7 bench is 7.9, using Mushkin 2133 (9-11-10-28-39) & my CPU score is unchanged from 4400 - 4500GHz @ 7.8
  11. Im going to be using my friends vengence 1866 chips he has laying around so i can save the hassel of geting doa item over the tho i don't understand how my mobo is junk... it was meant for overclocking, isnt it? It had higher ram speed then a sabertooth.. damn, should of spent the extra 30 and bought the sabertooth..
  12. Nah. Your motherboard is a pretty budget/mainstream one.
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