Black screen W7 xfx 9800 gtx

So I got a xfx 9800 gtx today and I plug it into my system boot it up. Windows 7 installs its like default video drivers for it when it first boots and then needs to restart before I can install the nvidia downloaded drivers. When it reboots it gets to the windows 7 loading page and then after it does its little animation there the screen just goes black. Nothing works. Mouse, keyboard.. nothing. So I reboot and it bring me to a boot menu where it gives windows startup repair. I do that and it finds no FIXABLE errors. In the error info it says bad driver among other things. In the windows startup repair i can do a system restore, then I am back at square one.

I tried doing a driver clean of the old video nvidia drivers but that didnt work. Just instead of giving a black screen after the windows load screen it would quickly flash a bsod and then reboot.

any suggestions?
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  1. Once you did the system restore, could you then get back into windows?

    If yes, you may want to go to xfx's website and download their drivers.
  2. ya the problem is, I cant install drivers that I dl. Windows 7 instantly installs its 9800 drivers and then if I try to install downloaded drivers it says that it needs to reboot before it can install them. I reboot and then I get black screen which then requires a restore.
  3. Try downloading and installing the drivers before you connect the video card.
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