Can My Pc Run Window 7

My PC is currently running windows xp with 2 gb ram
which would be better window xp with 2 gb ram vs
windows 7 with gb ram.......would the performance increase or decrease when i upgrade to windows 7

Its Intel Core2duo e7400@2.80ghz
would my video card be compatible
radeon x1650 series 512mb

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  1. When you switch to Win 7, you'd either have the same performance as with XP or probably lose out 5% or less. Though the performance loss is very marginal (and really not noticeable) and you'd just love Win 7.
  2. Well actually moving to windows 7 with the setup you have will feel alot faster and snappier. I noticed a big difference moving from XP to windows 7 but make sure you get the 64bit version. You also should add another 2GB of RAM and you will notice a big difference going with win 7.
  3. If you go the Windows 7 route 64 bit version check to see if there are 64 bit drivers for all your equipment.
  4. @saaiello
    there's no problem in buying the ram.....the problem is that my mobo has 2 slots for ddr2 and is already occupied by both....

    thats why im asking which is better in multitasking and running programs....
    xp with 2gb or window 7 with 2gb
  5. windows 7 - you'll feel the difference

    about the grafix card - can you install the latest catalyst driver for your card? that way you'll manage with windows 7. If you cant find the driver - let windows update take care of that. I just installed windows 7 ultimate x86 on my brothers gaming rig 2days ago , really flash! :)

    best windows so far apart from XP, heres my brothers specs

    Intel E4300 @ 1.8 Ghz
    Transcend 2GB (2x1GB) DDR2 800+Mhz (overclocking modules w/ 4-4-4-12)
    Intel DG965RY
    xfx Nvidia 7600GT
    WD caviar SE 320 GB
  6. @Lutfij

    i could see that my rig is slightly better than yours. thanks ill definitely upgrade my OS. BTW is your window 7 genuine...and which should i choose x64, x86 or x32
  7. lol is 32-bit same as x86?
  8. in coding language - x86=32bit and x64=64bit , yeah its genuine Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit on my rig and 32bit on my brothers rig

    basically the rig my brother uses is my old one, i own a C2Q now and i run a 64 bit on it. The 64bit is used for rigs that have more than 4GB of ram since in the 32bit versions, windows 7 can only recognize a maximum of 3.5GB of ram out of 4. By now you know your running your rams in dual channel so you shouldnt go for any other increment in ram. If you do, however, think of buying 2x2GB of ram, then you should choose 64bit version.
  9. thanks......
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