New Build, HDD Not Recognized!

I'll try to be concise and present the facts.

The problem I have is with my most current build (3rd). I just upgraded everything besides the sound card on my pc.

Intel Core i7, 2600k
16gb corsair memory
nvidia gtx 560ti
Asus sabertooth p67 mobo
Seagate 1tb hdd (ST1000DM003)

Like I said, I kept my old sound card and also kept my two previous hdd's. Everything went smoother than normal up until I booted the pc up. It ran fine, but it only recognized my two old hard drives. I swapped cables and tried all four possible sata III connections and my seagate was not recognized. I then drove 45 minutes away to the nearest Best Buy to find a replacement but they didn't carry any sata III hdd's. Got back home and popped in my mobo software then installed both sata III drivers for the marvel and the intel chipset. I swapped cables and tried all four sata III connectors. It never showed up in bios or disk management.

I have given up on that hard drive. I'm wondering if there was anything I just didn't do right? Does it sound like that hdd just doesn't work? I have lots of questions. I'm trying to think would a WD caviar black or and ssd be a better investment? Lastly if I was to get an ssd, what is the point if I cannot install all my games onto that drive? Will the games still run better even if not actually on the ssd? I admit I'm a noob and hope someone has some ideas for me. Thank you for reading all this!
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