Crysis, Bfbc2 crashes

Hi All

Just built new rig
Asus m4a79t Deluxe (latest 3004 bios)
Corsair Dominator DDR3 2x4GB 1600 (Desktop memory model)
AMD Phenom II 965 BE
Western Digital 1TB SATA
Sapphire vapor-X HD 5870
Ultra modular 1000W PSU
Windows 7 64 bit

When i first built the rig all seemed fine, passed prime95 overnight, ran Crysis and Bfbc2 like a charm. but when i got to boss level on Crysis the screen would go black, no response from the computer at all. Reboot, get back in and it would continue to happen. I changed out all drives, used older drivers, switched to dx9, updated bios to latest, moved GPU to different slot. This morning after the bios update, Bfbc2 will just crash to screen when loading. Mind you It worked days ago, I even finished bfbc2 single player. Every time black screen with reboot needed. Ran Furmark, temps were good never going over 68c, cpu has corsair water cooler always around 40c with load. The only componet I didn't buy along side the rest was the Ultra 1000W. I had it in a box for a year before I used it, but it's still brand new. I have decided to go and buy a new PSU (corsair 750W) today. If it continues to fail I'll RMA the GPU.

Does anyone else have any suggestions. The memory I bought apparently is not unlocking the timing settings in the bios...also memtest does crash the computer, I set it to run before bed and in the morning the computer is completely off.

Any suggestions you can give would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. If this is the wrong thread my apologies
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    Have you checked the voltage to the memory? I think those needed a slightly higher voltage which many mobo's dont set properly.

    If it still failes run memtest on 1 stick at a time and see if you can narrow it down.
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  4. You were spot on Popatim...

    I replaced that POS Ultra X3 1000W with an Antec 650W and played until my fingers got tired. Not even a wimper from the computer. I'll get Ultra to replace it and save it for when I go crossfire. One other thing that proved it was the PSU (like you said popatim) I changed the voltage to my ram and I was able to play and hour at a time before black screen of death.

    That X3 wasn't delivering steady voltage. I'll get a replacement X3 and save it for when I crossfire cards.
  5. Played Crysis all maxed out highest res, butter smooth. Finally.
  6. Grats!!!!
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