Fx-6200 voltage dillema

Okay so the other day I started to overclock my FX-6200. I switched off turbo boost and went to look at the voltages. The stock vcore was 1.41. I thought it was a little high but I remember I was able to get it lower only at the stock speed of 3.8ghz. So I started off with a nice modest 4.2ghz overclock. I set the vcore at 1.38 and blended prime95. It failed within few minutes. I did a run of memtest86 and the memory failed. I bumped up the dram voltage to no avail, and then finally i bumped the vcore up to the stock 1.41 and all worked fine. So tell me, does my specific chip just love lots of volts or am I doing something wrong? I look at other bulldozer overclocks and they are able to get way higher overclocks for less voltage.
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    Your memory passed memtest after a Vcore bump?
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