HP COMPAQ CMT530 mini tower

I went to go plug in vga cable when my computer surged and now when i turn it on it start and them stall and a red blinking light apears. I was wondering if the Power supply needs to be replace is a P4 mother board.


would this power supply work it is a hanging power supply
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  1. what is "computer surged" please describe better...
  2. I would first check to make sure all the PCI cards are firmly in their slots.
  3. ok i was seting up the computer to my 40 inch samsung and was about to plug it into my ATI 9800 pro 128M and as soon as the metal touch a huge spark and and then pop. Note that the cpu power was off!!!

    and when i turn it on all is green and then is seems like the coputer shuts of but I think it is going into an power or surge sett as to not cause damage to computer components. What are our thoghs??
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