Overclocking i5 3570k - 2x2pin CPU power connector a limiter?


The question is a simple one:
If I plan to overclock, do I need the motherboard CPU power pack to be 2x4 pin? Or is 4 pin enough?

CPU: Intel i5-3750K (but I'm planning to change this out for i7-3770K)
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR 1600
PSU: Corsair TX650M

Motherboard: Intel D77Z-SL50K

The intel motherboard has only the 4 pin connector and not 2x4 pin. Will I need the 2x4pin for stability as I overclock? Will the 4pin be a bottleneck?

The board was reviewed as part of "Seven Sub-$160 Z77 Express Motherboards, Reviewed", but it doesn't mention the 4pin connector being a limitation.,3254-24.html

(The article mentions a stable 4.64 Ghz)

Thank you for any input!
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    Those CPUs should be fine with a 4 pin connector. The 4-pin connector is fine with up to about 125-150W on the CPU and the eight-pin connector is fine for double that, but Ivy Bridge CPUs, even when overclocked, probably aren't going to break 150W or so unless you really crank up the voltage (if even then). It might be a minor issue, but I doubt it. However, unless you already have that board, I recommend getting a different one anyway. Intel boards are generally kinda basic in my experience.
  2. Thank you for the quick and insightful reply! I do have the intel board up and running. I went for it because it was basic, but could you comment on what I might be missing out on? This is the first from scratch computer I've built, I'm going for simple and fast.

    Thanks again!
  3. Intel boards tend to not have excellent VRM, BIOS options, and above-normal connectivity. Prices tend to not be great on them either.
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  5. Glad to help.
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