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I've run two display for a long time but never tried having more than two. I'm moving to my new house soon and here what I wanted to do, I'd like to know if it's possible.

I have a ATI Asus EAH4890 video card and a previous card which is not conencted that is a Nvidia EN8600GTS. I would not mind buying a new card if it would make it possible.

I would like to connect three screen and a 50" full HD TV on the same computer. It's a little bit complicated but I'll try to make it simple.

1. LG 22" Display
2. Acer 18" Display
3. LG 22" Display
4. 50" LG FullHD TV

I would like to plug #1 and #2 in a dual view.
I would like #1 #3 and #4 to be cloned displays.
All this, on the same computer with different resolutions.

Since ATI Catalyst seems to ask me to disable one of my two displays everytime I try to add a third. I wonder if this is at all possible. I imagine I need a second card plugged as slave but do I also need a specific software.

My motherboard has
-2x PCI-Ex16 Slots
-1x PCI-E x1 Slot
-3x PCI slot

If anyone is wondering, it's that my home is small. I plan to have a screen in my room, two at my computer desk and a TV in the living room, all on the same computer.

I'd be glad if any of you Guru have an answer to this.
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  1. I'm just browsign the matrox website, do you have an idea of what would be suitable.

    Thanks for the insanely fast answer by the way.
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    I think it is possible but there are a few restrictions and maybe some limitations with your current setup.

    First is that your 8600GTS and 4890 have to be pluged in at the same time (might run into driver conflicts if not running windows 7) and each card can only have a maximum of 2 displays attached to them.

    Screens #1 and #2 can be a different resolution so no problem their.
    However I believe that cloned screens #1 #3 and #4 have to be the same resolution/ will be forced to use the same resolution.
  3. Since I still Run Vista x64. I think I'll purchase a 50$ ATI card with two DVI slot. To avoid driver conflict.

    As far as the resolution being forced to be the same on display #1 #3 and #4. I can always switch to 1920x1080p when I use the TV as display. It will mess up the view on the others but I will only look at one of the 3 display at the same time.

    Perhaps I could also use the Catalyst presets to setup my displays. I'm glad I can pull it off tho.

    The Matrox card was not the solution at all.

    Thanks paperfox
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