My 3Dmarks06 score on a 980X

So yeah, i bought a 980x and changed my old 975 and bought a HIS HD 5970

here the score:

core i7 975 with 285 GTX :bounce:

core i7 980x with HIS HD 5970 :o

how do u like the difference?
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  1. Must be nice to be rich. :lol:
  2. lol, i beg for it :D (im 15)
  3. OK must be nice to have rich parents to beg off of. :lol:
  4. is 45755 big for a 3D marks score ? lol
  5. hansen_chicken said:
    is 45755 big for a 3D marks score ? lol

    You make me sick!!! :ange: :pfff:

    Overclock that sucker should break 50000
  6. oh mmk
  7. He doesn't play games, he runs benchmarks.
  8. i call your bluff

    because the world record 3dmark06 is just over 46000 done with an i7 980x @6.3 ghz and 3x5870@1300mhz+ core speed

  9. 15 huh? You should let me kidnap you. (We can split the profits)
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