Will a bad processor stop a cpu fan from powering on ?

how do you tell if you have a bad processor ?
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  1. If your cpu truly faield then there would be no beepcodes as nothing could run.
    Your fan may or may not come on depending on the motherboard in this situation.
    If your pc will do any of the bootup process, or get into the bios, its likely its still good but if the fan isn't spinning by then you will need to check the voltage going to it or try a known good fan. The system should shut itself off if it detects a non-spinning cpu fan within a few seconds of turning it on and it should emit a beep (Pheonix bios is one long beep if I remember right)

    Hope this helps
  2. Best bet to troubleshoot is to get to as few components as possible, start with Motherboard, CPU and CPU fan, and onboard video or video card, disconnect everything else including USB devices except for keyboard, hard drives, everything. Clear CMOS, then start up. If you can get into the BIOS, then start adding components again. If problem reoccurs after adding a particular component, you have found the problem component...
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