Amd Phenom 9650 overclocking

Hello i am using amd first generation 9650 cpu stock speed at 2.3 ghz. Since my pc's warranty is over and it got slower , i am planning to overclok it.
My current configuration are

CPU = amd phenom 9650 (non Black edition) 2.3 ghz
CPU cooler = The Hydro Series H80 corsair which i ordered online
MOTHERBOARD = M3A78-EM (ASUS -AMD 780g + SB 700)

RAM - 2 GB ddr2 Kingston pc2-6400 800Mhz (400Mhz - 6-6-6-18-24 1.8v)
CABINET- cooler master Elite 310
PSU - cooler master elite plus 460w

I gone thru some videos and tutorials online, all i had found was the multiplier overclocking and a few locked multiplier ones.
i have some how achieved 2.52GHz roughly increasing the clock thru 200 Mhz to 219 Mhz. Now i found that my Ram is running at 480Mhz speed. I was afraid to go further with the clock speed. Please advise me to overclock my CPU further. How can i go further( I expect to reach 3.0 GHz) and how to incrase the voltage ?My main problem is with the RAM speed and timings and also PCie bus speed.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advance ... Please notify me if my words are not clear.....
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  1. You won't get to 3ghz, those cpu's are poor overclockers and yours isn't even a black edition.

    Not to mention the 780G is also poor for overclocking.

    I think you wasted your money. You could get a modern cpu/mobo/8GB ddr3 for $200 or less and it would be MUCH faster and more efficient than your cpu, even IF you did get it to 3ghz.

    Even a Intel dual core that runs under 3ghz and costs $60 would run circles around a 3ghz 9650 while using less than half the power.
  2. Can u please tell me some of the budget gaming and high performance CPU+MB+RAM for me.. i prefer amd most since they are cheap....
  3. It takes a Good board and rather high end ram to get any decent overclock out of these 65nm Phenom 1 era cpus. If you had gotten an E model you could have pushed to 3ghz and if you had luck maybe into Phenom 2 level clocks.

    You could look into Intel SB Pentiums as they are below $100 and offer pretty decent bang per thread or go with a Phenom 2 965.
  4. AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb: $95

    Instead of OC'ing with the system clock, you should OC using the CPU multiplier.

    If you are going to OC using the system clock, you must reduce your RAM divider from 400 to 333 to keep it withing spec. You should also reduce your HyperTransport link multiplier -- keep it as close to 2000MHz as you can.

    The 955BE is qualified for your current motherboard and will work just dandy.

    edit: I fergit ... you should lock the PCIe freq to 100MHz
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