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Hi everyone, I'm not sure where the best place to post this is, but recently my homebuilt computer has displayed some odd behavior during startup.

I have no issues or crashes in Windows 7 or booting up windows 7, but when I attempt to restart my or turn on my computer it tends to get stuck at the gigabyte splash screen.
none of the fn commands to open the bios or view the post screen are responsive.

The solution to this is turning my power supply off, waiting a few seconds and turning it back on. Then the computer boots normally when I press the on switch.

I did a memtest using Windows 7's built in one, but it came up with nothing.

Something wrong with the BIOs? or is it hardware, my motherboard?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

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  1. We need to know your complete system specs including the specific model number of your RAM.
  2. You might also want to download and run Memtest86+. It'll tell you a lot more than the Windows one will.

    In addition to the specs, you might want to include the BIOS version too.
  3. my specs are:
    Windows 7 Professional 32bit
    core 2 duo e6300
    gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 rev1.0

    2x512mb ocz ddr2 667mhz gold
    2x1gb ocz ddr2 800mhz platinum
    (I don't have the specific model numbers, when I have time I can open up my computer and see)

    sapphire ati 4870 512mb
    antic trio 650w PS

    I'll download memtest86+ and try it out. So you guys think its ram?
  4. That would be my first guess. The fact that you're mixing RAM of different size and speed ratings isn't helping your cause. We need to know what the rated timings and voltages are for each RAM kit. The RAM will have a sticker on the side with that information. Mixing RAM like you have is asking for problems.

    You'll at least have to set the RAM values to the lowest values which means that your DDR2 800 RAM will run at 667MHz. The same goes for the timings and voltage. If one kit is rated at 4-4-4-12 timings at 1.8v and the other is rated at 5-5-5-15 timings at 2.1v you'll have to set all the RAM to 5-5-5-15 at 2.1v.
  5. the two kits have been in my machine for a while now, like a year or so. Is there any reason why problems would come up now?
    I'll try taking one kit out and see if that helps
  6. To be honest, I have no idea what's wrong at this point. Bad RAM is just a common spot to start looking, as is overheating (which shouldn't be an issue) and bad PSUs. Memtest is just a good thing to start with.

    You might want to check out the "Read Before Posting about Boot Problems" sticky. While it's focused more towards builds that have never started, it's a good spot to start troubleshooting.

    Do you get any codes (lights, beeps, etc.) from the board before the problem? Do all the fans spin up (CPU, PSU, GPU, case)?
  7. no beeps or lights, and all the fans spin up...

    the one thing that is weird for me, is that turning the hard switch on the power supply and turning it back on fixes it 100% of the time. Its as if something needs to be cleared (ie all power gone) before it can restart.

    I'm not sure its the ram only because I would've thought I'd see some issues come up while I'm working on the computer.
    I leave my computer on almost all the time (sometimes as long as a week without restarting), play games (MW2, dragon age etc.), watch movies etc. and I never have any random crashes or glitchy behavior usually associated with bad ram.
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