Would a psu stop working after burnout


I'm still seeing a light on the psu and the postcode on the motherboard is on but the pc won't turn on, also the psu smells like it has burnt out.
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  1. what is "burnout", did you mean "Brownout", or did the PSU just Die and you could smell a burn order.

    In either case, if you have a "burnt oder, time for a new PSU. The question is did the PSU die, or did a problem with the MB/GPU/HHD/DVD Drive cause the PSU to go into an Overcurrent condition and fail. This is hard for the average person to tell.

    (1) If you (or a friend) have a spare PSU, then try it.
    (2) If not then get a "good" PSU and start from there.

    (3) Should provide your system info
    At Min need:
    - MB
    - GPU
    - Current PSU, And in your case replacement PSU
    Would be nice:
    - Nr HDDs, DVD Drives, and memory info
  2. Unfortuantely wasn't at home when it happened. I can smell a burning smell which seems to be coming from the PSU.

    I'm waiting for a friend to call as I'm hoping I left the old (but unreliable) PSU at his. Will come back with systems specs once I've tried a replacement PSU if it doesn't fix the problem.

    Thank you.
  3. Burnt smell? Get a new Power Supply, and hope the old one didn't do any damage to the rest of your system when it suicided...
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