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Hey guys,

So this is my first attempt at overclocking a CPU. I just built this gaming rig about 2 weeks ago and decided to try out overclocking. Now as I don't know what to really do I used my motherboards (asrock z77 extreme6) auto overclocker to do it for me, thing is I've read that most times this isn't always the best set up. But still I have it currently auto clocking my I5 3750k to 4.4 ghz and when I run either prime or ibt my max temps under load are around 60c with my H100 cooler. Are those good temps considering my ambient temps are around 27c (80f). Also what information would I need to inform you all what the autoclocker is doing to get my cpu to 4.4 so I can optimize the settings.

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  1. I'll be interested to hear this also, I've got some experience OC my AMD CPU but now i have the same cpu/mobo as you and am a little lost ^_^
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    I didn't know that the motherboards auto preset overclocks were so high , it's been my experience that those presets go up to 4.2ghz and yours goes uto 4.4ghz. If your at that speed and completely stable with a max temp of 60c then I wouldn't touch a thing and I would keep it right there. Yes you can go up to 4.8ghz or 4.9ghz but the performance gain that you will get in gaming will not be worth the effort. You may get an additional 5-10 fps but in the overall performance that wouldn't be enough to make it worth while. If going an addtional .5ghz meant that you could get 20-25 fps then something like that would be woth it.
    If you would rather not enable the preset overclock and do it yourself you may end up with less voltage being added to the cpu and that would be a good thing. For now you can look at what the voltage is that the preset is giving the cpu and report back with that.
    I would keep the cpu at the 4.4ghz if the preset is not giving the cpu too much voltage and then try to gain extra performance from the video card , that's where you'll see a bigger increase in fps if you overclock your video card.

    To get a good understanding of overclocking you can read up on it with this sticky that's in the top of the forum and also online there are a ton of tutorials about it.
  4. Just downloaded Cpuz and ran IBT to check the vcore and it was max at 1.120. Is that a good setting?
  5. Yes if your at 4.4 ghz that is a good voltage setting.
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