I5 2400 too much voltage ?


MSI z68ma-g43 mobo
2x4gb 1333 mhz ram
120gb extreme sata 3 ssd
hd 6870 GPU
i5 2400 CPU

On idle my chip i5 2400 uses 0.992 V according to CPU-Z and 0.995 according to Core Temp

On turbo @3.4 it is around 1.36+ V

And this seems to cause overheating

I reinstalled everything.. heatsink, paste 4-5 times and nothing changed

Running prime 95 intel turbo mode on.. CPU gets to TjMAX in a minute

Turned off Intel Turbo Boost

It runs better @3.1 but still close to 1.3 V draw

Chip is 5 months old I got from a friend it still has guarantee
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  1. Looks like it was caused by a setting called PLL overvoltage which was set to auto. disabling seems to have fixed the problem
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