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I have an MSI X58Pro, core i7920, HIS4870, Samsung 1 terabyte hard drive, 6 gigs af ram, crucial standard ram, if I remember right. I had several power outages a couple of week ago. Since then, I have a cold boot problem. The unit will start up, sometimes before it gets to the windows screen, sometimes after, then it will shut down & reboot several times. After about 10 to 15 times, the unit will run just fine all day long. I've tried a different hard drive, video card. No change. I have run memtest for 8 hrs straight, no errors. I've run prime 95 & core temp for six hours straight. No over heating at all. This unit has never been over clocked but sometimes during the cold boot it will say "over clocking failed" The bios has been set to fail safe & no difference. I have cleared the cmos a few times, no difference. What say you? Thanks.
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  1. Maybe a power supply issue. Honestly, if you have a spare ps, try it. Many older ps will boot up a system just fine.
  2. Thanks. A problem like this is a bit puzzling. Unfortunately I don't have an extra power supply. I was a nice guy & gave my old system to my brother when I visited him in Ky earlier this year. I live in Michigan. I'm trying to pick the brains of others as more than likely I'll have to buy the new power supply or mother board, ect to test them. I was hoping, a bad thing, forgive me, that maybe 10 or 12 people have had something just like this happen to them & they figured out what the problem was so I wouldn't have to spend a couple of hundred $'s & then find out that I guessed wrong. Thanks again for your reply.
  3. I went out & bought another power supply today, installed it, everything works fine now.
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